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What we do

What we do?

We have a great deal of knowledge in the field of barn equipment, metal parts, trailers and parts for machine construction.

We dispose of the necessary machines for metalworking:

  • Laser cutting
    Laser cutting is a processing technique for cutting the metal to size with a laser beam. The machine cuts the correct shape from the material by means of the laser beam. Laser cutting ensures a fine cut and little loss of material.
    Please inquire what we can do for you.
  • Bending of metal
    Edging is metalworking, bending of a metal, stainless steel or aluminum plate and is carried out in a press brake. Edging in a press brake is capable of bending a thicker metal.
  • Welding
    We can subdivide welding into different types such as:
    • Point welding – This is a technique especially for thin metal plates.
    • Stainless steel welding –  Various techniques are used for stainless steel welding, but is mostly specialist work.
    • Aluminum welding – Various techniques are also used for aluminum welding. You have come to the right place for this.
dutch metal teknik for barn equipment trailers machine construction metal parts
kantbank press brake dutch metal teknik
lassen welding dutch metal teknik
staal lassen steal welding dutch metal teknik
puntlassenpoint welding  dutch metal teknik
rvs lassen welding stainless steel dutch metal teknik
barn equipment dutch metal teknik

Barn equipment

We make all kinds of parts from metal and stainless steel that can be used in barn equipment.

cartrailers dutch metal teknik


We also make trailers. We can also manufacture and supply all metal parts for the trailers.
machine construction dutch metal teknik

Machine construction

You can also contact us for parts of machines. We can supply all types of parts.

For contact in Europe and the Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)624 239 833

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