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Dutch Metal Teknik

Phone: +90 (0)542 342 97 80
For Europe and the Netherlands: +31 (0)624 239 833

Who is Dutch Metal Teknik?

Dutch Metal Teknik is a young company based in Turkey and provides services to, among others, the Netherlands and Europe.

We make, among other things:

If there are any questions during production, we will contact you as a customer and continue with the order after consultation.
During the entire process, we keep customers informed about production and delivery.

Because we do business with a number of transport companies, we can deliver cheaper than competitors. That affects prices.

We deliver good quality for a good price and a good service is of paramount importance.



Dutch quality from Turkey

dutch metal teknik stalinrichtingen aanhangwagens onderdelen voor machine opbouw barn equipment fences trailers machine structure

For contact in Europe and the Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)624 239 833

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